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World-first Integrated Testing Facility for Fusion Power Plant Equipment to be Constructed in Japan.

Kyoto Fusioneering announced the design of an integrated testing facility for fusion power plant equipment, and construction will start in Japan in August. The world first facility, named UNITY: Unique Integrated Testing Facility, is on a path to demonstrate electricity generation using fusion relevant technologies in 2024. 

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CEO, Taka Nagao, presented UNITY Facility at the 2nd Workshop on Fusion Enterprises at IAEA

Kyoto Fusioneering CEO @taka_nagao and his team took part in 'the 2nd IAEA Workshop on Fusion Enterprises' on the 11th & 12th July hosted by UKAEA. He presented the UNITY Project Facility to international experts in fusion energy industry. 

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Kyoto Fusioneering appoints Norio Murakami, former Vice President of Google’s U.S. headquarters and President of Google Japan, as Advisor.

KF welcomed to the board of advisors @noriomurakami.  Mr Norio Murakami brings an immense experience in creating long term strategies for global business growth & wealth of knowledge in AI and machine learning.

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Leadership Thought of Gyrotron´s Technical Advisor to Kyoto Fusioneering

KF interviews Tsuyoshi Imai, Gyrotron's Technical Advisor to

@Kyotofusioneer. In his interview he shares his wisdom of more than 40 years involved in research of microwave plasma heating, JT60 microwave plasma heating system, and @iterorg gyrotron.

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KF received the Innovation Award at Standford University in California.

KF has been awarded by Japan Society of Northern California the Innovation Showcase Award 2022 for its tranformative innovation in fusion technology.
Chief Strategist and Co-founder, Shutaro Takeda, Ph.D. received the award and delivered the acceptance speech.

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